Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas recap

Anyone else feel a little depressed on Dec. 26??? You wait all year for this magical season, have all kinds of plans and expectations, and's over like that! We started our December off so strong, with daily plans and tons of activities...and we did do many things! But this week ended not as planned...we spent a fun day in San Fran with friends, seeing Steph's Wizard of Oz at her theatre, but then Monday came along and Joe got sick..and Jenny got sick...and nobody could play with me! The kids were bonkers! Candy, Santa, staying up too late! And Christmas came and went so fast! And Joe was still sick...he's finally better...this afternoon...but I"m ready for a fresh start, so the decorations are all done and the ornaments safely put away until next year..and I'm feeling a little to come...we spent our Christmas Eve (actually Dec. 23 rd since Megan had to leave Dec.24) at my parents' house, and forgot my camera! Ooops..but luckily, Jenny always has her camera and is as obnoxious as I am over taking pics of my just waiting for her to send the disc of pics to me!
Wishing everyone a happy last few 2009 it just me, but I am ready for a new opportunities...resolutions...what about you????

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