Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Lovin'

Spencer's 1st Grade "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" performance! (See him in the red and brown pj's!)
Santa visited the Brown Family Christmas Party at Grammy's!

Cousins! Santa visited Cooper at pre-school

(He also visited Kendall's school....and she kissed him! Miss Michelle is emailing me the picture...I will share!)

Hot cocoa after school!

Our family gingerbread house! (Already destroyed...Kendall tried to eat all the candy off the roof!)

Kendall sitting on the stack of Christmas stories that we unwrap and read....saw this shot on another blog...hers looked much better....oh well.... Cooper reading one of the activities they find when they open the Advent Calendar.
Hope you are enjoying your holiday season as much as we are! I've been working hard to make it a great holiday for the kids....trying to do a lot...baking, lights, hot cocoa, Polar Express, games, crafts, everything! If you are my Facebook friend, you know I've been posting our daily activities. So far, so good! We're officially on vacation! Whoo-hoo!!!! Planning lots of reading, crafting, playing...tonight Jenny and Justin will be in town! Can't wait to see them!
I'm sharing some of the pics from enjoy...

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