Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Cousins Layout
Me and my boys right before Kendall was born (Jenny took the pics) Cooper as Superman when he was 1!

Spencer turning 5! Cooper and his "tar" (guitar) and how it made his day the year he turned 3!
So, most of you know I'm a scrapbooker...I love taking pics of my family and writing down memories in our family journals, so of course, I love scrapbooking! I've been so busy, and so exhausted in the evenings lately, so I haven't been very productive! But I was reading Laura's latest blog entry and felt inspired! The other night I actually stayed up until 2 AM scrapping and going through Spencer's disc of kindergarten pics to make sure I developed the ones I wanted to finish his kinder pages in his school scrapbook (and then being awoken by Kendall at 6 AM...that's another story!). But I took some pics a while ago to share some of the pages I've done. I'm such a simple scrapper, and I start by scraplifting, but during the process, usually end up changing it to fit my own idea, so I apologize if any layouts look a little familiar, I did start by looking at magazines or my idea books. But again, it usually doesn't look like the one I started scraplifting! Enjoy!

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