Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cooper graduates!

Cooper is now officially a pre-school graduate! Here he is, with our beloved Mrs. Rodriguez, about to walk down the aisle. Afterwards with Mommy and Daddy

Not sure why this came out sideways, but with two friends having cake, Brandon and Luke.
With Spencer and Jake

At home, ready to enjoy his graduation cake!
No jokes about how it's just pre-school...I know, I know, graduations can be overdone sometimes, but this one is so cute! We LOVE Merced Parent Pre-school!!!! Can't wait for Kendall to attend!


sabrina said...

My Kara graduated from pre school too! I started to tear up when they called her up...
These moments definately need to be treasured always..and I need to post pics of mine!

Amy said...

I was pretty emotional, too. Really pre-school is a turning point, now they have to go to school everyday, all day (yuck in my opinion)...can't wait to see your pics, Sabrina!

My world said...

go buddy!!