Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May May May!

Wow, where has time gone? We are now entering the busiest time for moms and teachers...the end of school! What have we been up to?
Here are the boys relaxing on part of Hawaii...literally...we decided, as I was about to book our Hawaiian use that heard earned and saved money to buy furniture and try to have a "grown-up" house. We bought a new bedroom set (bed, dresser, nightstand and entertainment stand) and a kitchen table. I do love it...but will miss playing on Maui this summer. Oh well, there's always next summer...right? Cooper started t-ball, which he LOVES.

Kendall turned 2! Poor girl...her birthday was pretty overlooked. Her actualy day we went to the park for a pizza picnic. No cake. shhhh...that makes me cringe...hope she doesn't need therapy for this in 20 years!

But she did have a birthday tutu!!!!

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