Saturday, May 28, 2011

4 more days...

...till summer break! As mush as I adore my students (and they are one of the best classes I've had in a while!!!), I am ready for a break. Ready to be mommy! Whoo-hoo! Making plans...June is booked up-swim lessons, tennis lessons, VBS, doctor appointments, fun! Spencer and I are starting a book journal where we write about what we are reading (inspired by this post). I also signed us up for this summer class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Can't wait! Meanwhile, while I finalize our own summer plans, check out these links to start planning yours. Don't forget to make a summer wish list of actvities....

we loved having ours last summer! We did almost all of them! The pic was taken before we started checking them off-should have taken a pic afterwards! Oh well...this year! We'll make our Summer 2011 chart this week sometime.

*Summer Fun List
*Summer Camp ideas on this blog
*List of Summer Fun ideas
*Funner in the Summer series

And a new *fun* blog I just discovered....Styleberry Blog...loving the bright colors!

EDITED TO ADD: I just purchased a Summer Survival Guide (pdf format) and as I am looking through it, it is well worth the $7-ideas for themes, worksheets, lists, tons of info! Check it out at lifeasMOM (Hurry, the price goes up soon!)

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