Monday, May 23, 2011


And we're on the countdown...whoo-hoo...8 days left...though i will admit, I will MISS my class a lot! I love love 3rd grade and I had the best class! Kind to each other, readers, writers...just a great bunch! While I am happy to be staying at Peterson and going to 1st with my Coop, I will miss 3rd!
Been busy! Went to Tahoe last weekend with some girlfriends and it snowed! It was beautiful! But May?!

Got a new lens for my birthday-a 50 mm lens...LOVE it! It works so well in low light! Having fun playing with it!

Picked up a new book, Mamarazzi-full of adorable pics and good photo advice. If you are a mama that likes to take pictures, it's worth it!
Got to take pics for Running With the Angels, a 5K run in town to honor 2 families with teen boys who lost a parent way too early. (Cooper did the kid race...and was very proud of his first "runathon"-as he called it!)

It was wonderful to see so many coming out to support them. Our babysitter/2nd mother to Kendall, Miss Michelle, organized it!

She's incredible-such a caring and giving woman. I have been blessed to have her watch over Cooper and Kendall! It's such a hard thing to be a working mama, but she makes everything so much easier and I have never worried a minute about them when they are at her house.
Cannot believe my babies will be soon be in 3rd grade and 1st grade! What in the world?!? One of the best things I ever did was journal about my kiddos-pretty regularly until they were 2. I love looking back on those and remembering moments I thought I'd never forget (but did). Now I keep a family journal, but I have been very bad in updating.
Come back soon! I have some summer plans with my kiddos!

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