Sunday, May 01, 2011

How to get free stuff...or at least cheap stuff! :-)

OK, I know there are a ton of scams out there, but here are some I've tested and think are worth it!

1. Groupon-if you've not heard of Groupon, it's a "coupon" a day for food, attractions, clothing, spa services, almost anything in your area. They can email you the daily deal. For example, on Groupon, I have bought a Shutterfly photo book for $10 (worth $29) and dinner for two at a Greek place in Modesto (spent $10, worth $20). It was yummy! Joe and I are currently on the lookout for hotel deals for our anniversary getaway this summer. And if you refer people, you get money from Groupon which equals free deals. So NOT a scam. Click here: GROUPON.

2. Living Social: is pretty much the same as Groupon. I spent $9 for 2 movie theater tickets. A cheap date, huh? You can customize to your location OR even look around for deals to a place you are going on vacation! They even have family friendly versions. Click here: Living Social

3. GroopDealz: This is more of an artsy/creative deal site. Cute kids' hats, vinyl lettering for your house, art projects. I love this one. I bought 3 Art prints for $5. Check it out here: GROOPDEALZ

4. Mamapedia: another deal site, and is great for mamas. You can customize your location for deals on house cleaning, kids camps and classes, magazines, food, etc. I got a Family Fun mag subscription for FREE since when you sign up you get a $5 credit! Let me know if you want more info in comments (leave email address) and I will send you a link-again, you get credit if someone signs up from your link. :-)

5. Swagbucks-probably everyone has heard of this! Use it as a search engine and get points, which are then redeemable at many places. I've been stockpiling my amazon gift cards for a camera lens! Click on my link on the right hand side of the blog for more info! This is awesome!

6. Mypoints: this one rewards you with points for buying things online-you do that already, right? Also, they send you emails (warning) BUT you just click the link and get 5 points. I clean out my email mailbox every few days and with a few clicks, make 50-60 points. Redeem these for gift cards. I've redeemed gap, pottery barn, chilis, starbucks to name a few over the past few years I've been with my points. Again, I'd love to refer you, so please let me know and I'll email you the referring email.

Have I missed any? I will update if I think of more...let me know if you know if any, too!

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