Sunday, February 17, 2013

February is Health Month...what?

Happy February! Hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day!  We sure did-it's family day in our house...though it was a bit crazy. Spencer is in a local play and he had rehearsal that evening until 8:30. We had pizza (without him), though Daddy ate another slice with him when he got home.  Now Cooper has gone down to San Diego for his yearly trip with Grandma.  Lucky boy!
Joe and I planned to go out alone for a belated Valentine's Day, but with Grandma out of town and Grammy hurting her back, we decided to do a "double date" with Spencer & Kendall. We got dressed up and went out for Chinese food at our favorite place. Spencer was ever the gentleman, learning how to open car doors and be courteous to the girl.  It was a lot of fun!  One of these day Joe and I will enjoy an evening alone!
So this month was supposed to be HEALTH month. Ha, notice I said "supposed"...well, not off to a good start. Honestly, life has been so busy that going to the gym has been impossible to do.  I started running, taking Spencer with me, but that's about it. I want to start eating healthier...darn Valentine candy! No fast food, more water...gotta work on it.  I will keep you posted.
I decided to continue the HOME theme for the year, as well. Even though we live in a rental, there are things I can do to make it more homey.  I found some material to make curtains-and found this awesome tutorial on NO SEW curtains-YAY!  Later this month, we have a trip to IKEA planned to get Kendall's new big girl bed, which means new bedding for her.  And I just might finally break down and order the Pottery Barn bedding I have been drooling over for years for the boys' room. One set is not too bad, but when you need two, it sure adds up!  Hoping to paint their room this weekend...or at least start. :-)

So, that's our life right now....looking forward to moving onto March-I have some new photography books that I am perusing.  Trying to pick up my camera a little more.  My iphone camera is the one that gets used daily!  And even that one has not been connected to my computer in a while...these are two from Joe's...our super kid at preschooland helping Daddy paint!  Can you tell they spend a lot of time together???

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