Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas...hope you enjoyed yours! And took the time to reflect on this being Jesus' birthday...
We have been sooo busy, sorry I have not posted! First, I got bumped off our laptop b/c Joe's work hinted he should not be going online with his computer b/c he connects to the system there and the whole virus issue...soooo, it's onto the mac, but I don't save my pix to the mac, so I can't post any pix right now...:-( I may sneak onto the laptop anyway...shhh...don't tell!
Then, we had family in town...YAY! Jenny & Justin, Meg & Jenn, & Grandpa. We had everyone over for Christmas Eve and it was a great time. Food, fun, gifts, even ended the night with some MTV reality show watching...somehow we ended up watching TV at 11 PM, laughing together. BUT it was with FAMILY, which makes me happy. :-)
On Christmas Day, we headed over to Joe's parents' house. It was a madhouse with the cousins and piles of gifts. We had Brian's famous pancakes afterwards at Michelle & Brian's house. My boys all took long naps that afternoon while I started to put away the gifts. What a mess! A FUN mess!
Now my sisters have left town, so sad. Spencer walked into the room where Jenny & Justin had been staying and saw the empty mattress and said, "I'm sad." He sat on the mattress looking glum. Poor guy. He was also sick over the holidays, complete with a nice throwing up incident in the car on the way to family portraits on Christmas Eve. We ended up still getting them taken, but he sat on Grandpa's lap very serious looking, not the laughing, joyful, exuberant kid he is!
Last night we had a bunch of friends come over for dinner, the "Merced Gang". The original group is Steph, Chip, Ryan, Brian, Joe & me. Now we have added Chip's wife Vicki and Brian's wife Kelli. (Ryan and his wife Jillian were not in town.) Only Joe and I live in Merced now. the others are in LA, SF, and Tennessee. It's always a fun time to be together. We have so many crazy memories! :-)
OK, better go, I should be finishing some cleaning, hitting the grocery store, etc. etc...I brought the boys to their babysitter's house today so i could get some stuff done. Spencer was so excited to go to "work". He loves to play with the kids.
Looking forward to hearing about everyone's holidays!

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