Friday, March 24, 2006

City pics of me with the boys and Maddie. And a cute one of Spence in his tunnel....

Vicki finally has a blog...yay! Can I link yours to mine, Vicki?

Hoping all is well with you all...we're recovering here from Spencer's throw-up evening last night. So there went our pre-school observation today. But he is feeling better. My poor baby, pink eye earlier this week annd then this. I missed 2 days of work, but that's OK. :-) it's spring time and my 5th graders have speing fever. 3 more weeks until spring break and San Diego, here we come! Beach and Jenny and shopping...yay!

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Vicki said...

Are you asking me permission to link my blog to you -- or are you asking me how to link the blogs?? :) because, of course you can link if you would like. But I don't know how to, besides just giving the address. :)

Love the new pics -- they are so cute!!

love ya,