Friday, March 10, 2006

Long time no blog

Whew, been busy...haven't we all??? I wanted to get on and say some shout outs to some birthday it's been a few weeks but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charity, Colleen, and Kim. And CONGRATS out to Monica and Allen, good friends of ours, on the birth of Kyle Daniel on March 4. Which also happens to be Jake's birthday, Spence's favorite cousin. Spence is practicing holding up 3 fingers because he knows his birthday is coming up soon! Yay!
Cold here...brrr...and rainy...I am ready for Spring! Tomorrow we are going to San Francisco to visit Joe's Nana, and we are seeing "Charlotte's Web" at the school Steph teaches drama at. We are taking the boys and Maddie, their 9 year old cousin. She is a great help and likes plays, too. Should be a good day.:-)
Just working on the taxes here, papers strewn everywhere....but I am about to put it aside for now. Few more papers to dig up. We'll be getting a return...good! We need some concrete work done. The backyard has beautiful grass, but it's so muddy because the sides of our house are still unfinished. I can't wait until it warms up so we can work out there. Put up a swingset, pull out the sandbox, and play! Cooper can practice walking out there. He is standing now, not quite on his own, but he pulls himself up on everything. It' s so cute. I'll upload a pic of him later....I need to get the pix off the camera first. Sadly, I have only taken about 50 pix in the last month, if that...
More later...goodnight!

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