Monday, April 24, 2006

Cool things (websites, books)

Ok, check out these sites: for a movie trailer of "Brokeback to the Future". Hilarious!

And then for the "Sleepless..." fans there's pyscho "Sleepless..." at

Also, for my friends expecting their second child or with 2 kiddos, or even your first one, read "Waiting for Birdy" by Catherine Newman. It's great! It's a memoir type book and I was soooo glad to see she feels the same way as me sometimes. It's a bargain book at Amazon right now (4.95, I think), if you are interested. Also, check out my wish list at amazon, it's got some great titles I will be adding to my library. Mommy books, art books, food books, Christian parenting books, fiction books...
I miss reading, I really do. I was the biggest reader! Before I had kids, I could easily read a book in a day or 2. Since I have had 2 kids, I haven't read much lately. Magazines, blogs, news online, picture books to my boys, that's about it. I MISS it. I am going to try to read more. Re-activate the ole library card. I can't wait for summer! The boys can play in the backyard and I can maybe sit out there and READ. (And what a good model for my kids, too...:-))
OK, what are you reading right now??? Tell me so I can add it to my list!

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