Sunday, April 30, 2006

what a weekend

Did that weekend fly by, or was it just me??? We had the Cancer Walk for Life in town this weekend and I took the boys in the morning to walk with their Grandpa, who is a proud cancer survivor. Go, DAD! It was amazing to see the survivors walking in their purple shirts. It makes you realize how much cancer affects our lives. Then, that evening, around midnight, my mom and I went to walk with dad again and see the luminarias set up. So beautiful! My parents had purchased one in memory of my cousin Jimmy, who passed away over 10 years ago. Jimmy was a great guy. He was about 6-10 years older than me (how much really, mom?). I remember seeing him when he was sick and he had come out to visit. He was so strong and brave, and had a wonderful attitude. I just can picture him sitting on the beach in Carmel, smiling. He had a gift for art and advertising. He had showed me some ads he had drawn, and I remember being very impressed. Jimmy, I miss you. I know you are with Grandma now, smiling down on us.
Next year I think I want to get more involved and walk more myself. What about you? How can you get involved? What has affected your life? I have always wanted to do the breast cancer walk, too. Hey, Vicki, maybe we can do it together sometime. I think you had talked about it once, too.
Anyway, it really makes me appreciate what I have. I am posting some pics of my two precious boys (of course). :-) Thinking of you, Robin, as you wait for your little girl to come this week. Your precious, petite, sweet baby girl! Happy Birthday to Maddie this week, as she moves into the double digits! Wow, i remember being at the hospital when she was born.
Finally warm here! Actually, very warm. We skipped the spring :-( But, Ok, yes, I am ready for capris and shorts! My boys' legs are so cute in their little shorts, playing in the sandbox. Coop loves sand (loves to eat it, too), but hates grass. Spencer loves it all. He can be found running down the sidewalk, skipping over the grass, on his belly, looking for bugs and snails, and happily taking a bike ride with Daddy. "Mama, we went in tunnels and over bridges and to the park!" he says, excited. I am fearful of riding with my child on my bike. I am not the best rider, so Joe will have to do the carrying in the bike seat. Coop will have to settle for the jogger, and maybe I'll dust off my rollarblades and go out like that!

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Vicki said...

yeah I did the 3 day walk for breast cancer in 2002. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! But, I am not sure that I would do it again anytime soon as it was really really hard and my body took a beating (even after the 15 mile training walks -- does not prepare for you 3 days in a row). I did it obviously for the great cause and for myself as well, to say I walked from SB to LA. Remind me to tell you about it and the incredible women I was walking with. I never felt such comradery and friendship with strangers in my life. There really are no words.

But I would love to do any shorter walks with you. Let me know!! :) See you soon!