Sunday, April 02, 2006

Special Visits...and other thoughts

Yay! We had some special visitors today! Our friends from TO stopped by on their way home from Oregon, Danny, Nicole, & Riley. We had a nice visit. Last time I saw Riley he was about 2 weeks old and in the hospital. Now he's a busy 1 year old with quite the passport. :-) It was great to visit with them. I miss them, and wish we could see them more often. Now they are planning a move to Portland and actually almost convinced us to go, too. The only thing that worries me is the rain...I think I am too much of a sunny weather gal, but hey, if Robin can handle it in Seattle, maybe I can, too! :-)

Leisure time...something I have been thinking of...where has it gone??? There have been so many advancements made in technology lately, but have they really made our lives easier? Now you can call anyone anywhere, anytime, email, if I drive without my phone, I feel worried. What will I do if I need someone??? In college, I used to drive the 5 hours to Santa Barbara by myself with no phone and I was fine. I took small, windy highways, too...but I survived just fine! I even had an overheating issue once, but luckily, I had a friend with me that time...even though we were clueless and thought turning on the A/C would COOL down the car. So off we drove down the 101, freezing ourselves, but convinced it would cool off the car...I think, no, I know, I am more car-savvy now. Owning my overheating lovin' Explorer taught me real quick....
But I digress, have we really made things easier, or more simple, this way? Do we really need it all? When was the last time you just sat, sat and watched some meaningless TV or read a book for fun or even stared out the window? OR if you have, did you feel guilty? Feel like you should be washing dishes, ironing, balancing the old checkbook, etc, etc...That's me. If I actually sit to watch the OC, I need to grade papers, too, or go through junk mail. Relax, people. I think we need to spend more time relaxing. It's OK to just sit. The cleaning, the bills, the other stuff will still be there. I will try to remember this, too. We Americans are on the go too much. Time has become our enemy, instead of just a clock on the wall. What do you think? Agree with me or think I am wasting your time...pun intended...or is that really a pun? whatever..... :-)

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