Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring Break

OK, we're home after a fun trip to San Diego! It was great! Mom, me, and the two boys drove down to stay at Jenny & Justin's new place. What a cute place! Perfect location, too. We went to the beach, shopped (oh the shopping....), hung out, went to dinner, had a Santana's burrito (the best!!), took walks, went swimming, played with the 2 adorable dogs, Zero and Dahlia,what else? Spence is a great traveler. He was so good all week. Perfect in the car, good sleeper, friendly, cute...Coop was good, too, but being a creature of habit, he had a hard time adjusting to sleeping in the Pack-n-Play. Give him his crib and he's good to go. But no such luck without it. But he managed (after being rocked to sleep most of the time by his lucky grandma).
We were so sad to leave. Spence, "Mama, I want to live in San Diego (pronounced San Aygo). I want to MOVE to San Diego!" I said, "Talk to your Daddy."
We also went to Pasadena to visit my grandma and Uncle Imre. I am so glad grandma got to see my boys. I hadn't been to see her in over a year...yikes! I really wanted her to meet Cooper. She has a way with babies. He loved her. Spence was so cute, helping her out of bed and all. It was a nice visit.
Now we are home and whew, I need a vacation! Laundry is going and I need a long sleep. I took the boys to their babysitter's house this morning and slept! Felt so good. But I need more.
Posting pics of our Easter Morning. We went to church with the our two moms and over to Grammy's for an Easter Egg hunt (, more rain!) with the cousins and then to my mom's for dinner before leaving on our big trip.
I'll post pics of the SD trip when I get them. Unfortunately, we are a 1 camera family still. Joe needs the digital for work, so I couldn't take it. We used Jenny's. I was so hoping to get a new camera, the Digital Rebel, but life happens, the assessor's tax was due, we need concrete, etc. etc., so the camera is on hold for now. Anyone wanting to contribute to the Amy Needs a Good Camera Fund can see me ASAP! hee-hee.
Have a wonderful week!
OK, pics aren't working...I'll try to post later....

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