Saturday, May 06, 2006


Congrats to Robin & Peter as they welcomed Baby Morgan on Cinco de Mayo! She's a petite one, at 5 pounds...can't wait to see pictures! :-) Happy early birthday to the proud mama Robin, too! What a week for you...
It's MY birthday week, too! Busy one...Joe starts sailing lessons on Monday, I have Open House at school on Thursday and we are all getting together for my birthday dinner on Tuesday. May is racing by...playdates, a wedding, lessons, work, birthdays, gymnastics, MOPS. Speaking of MOPS, any local mamas reading this, next fall there will be MOPS in the evening, Thursdays from 6:30-8:30. I am getting involved, but trying to decide how involved I want to be. I am trying to think simplicity as I plan my life, but it's hard to cut stuff out. Next fall Spence will stop going to gymnastics. He'll have pre-school daily. I have a weekly Bible study and MOPS (weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the involvement), and bi-weekly pre-school for me. The Parent Pre-school Spencer will be attending requires a parent to be there one day a week, helping, as well as planning activities once or twice a semester and several evening meetings. Joe and I are going to take turns being there. I LOVE that his job is so flexible.
Are you bored reading about me??? Enough....
Happy National Scrapbooking Day! In honor of it, I think I'll post some of my scrapbook pages this week. I just finished a page on "Brotherly Love". It's cute (though I totally scraplifted! shhh).
Have a great weekend! No, we don't have a cat, but this cat has adopted us. Spencer named her George last fall and he sleeps in our backyard and is always hanging around the house. She is a good cat, and listens (like a dog). She's so good to Spence, who sometimes can't help himself and pulls her tail!

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