Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ten on Tuesday

There's this site called Ten on Tuesday for bloggers. Every Tuesday they mail you a blog starter. I have been getting them for weeks and seeing them on other blogs, so I thought I would start today. Basically I answer on my blog for your reading pleasure (lucky you!) and then I'll "tag" blogging friends and they have to answer on their blogs! Go!
Ten on Tuesday: Ten Plans for the Summer
1. Clean our room very well
2. Swim lessons for Spence (starting next week!)
3. Paint the office (painting again...ugh....i think i can, i think i can...)
4. Find a bed for Spencer
5. Get the concrete done on the side of the house
6. Get hardwood floors in the family room (okay, maybe just an estimate...)
7. CLEAN up and organize my scrapbook area
8. Take several day trips (Yosemite, SF, Monterey)
9. Take a trip to LA to see my SoCal friends and babies
10. Sell my car!!!!
Does that sound like a good summer or what? Where's the beach time? Pool time? Hmmm....
Ok, I'm tagging...
brian, vicki, sally.....ok, are those my only blogging friends? Did I miss anyone?

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