Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prayers needed

Mamas...and Daddies, hold your kids a little tighter right now...A leader in my MOPS group and a good friend of Joe's from high school has had a very rough week. Her 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week. The first news they were given was very horrible: surgery wouldn't work, and her prognosis was 2-18 months....can you believe that? I can't even imagine how they felt. BUT MANY prayers were prayed, many hearts were touched and HOPE is here. They were told at UCSF today that it may not be terminal. This was not yet confirmed, I actually heard it from someone who heard it from someone this very evening, and I am waiting for Erin's email to confirm this, I will keep you posted. But if you could pray for Callahan and for her family and for God's healing on her. She is a bright, cute, spunky girl who is well loved by all who know her. Thank you....and go kiss your kids and be reminded what a BLESSING they are to us. Even when they awake at 5:15 in the morning when you went to bed at 1AM, even when you change a million poopy diapers a day, they are a GIFT from God. A precious gift....
Speaking of gifts, check out Sally's blog and see her two adorable twin girls (as well as Sally's digital scrapbooking...go girl!). AND totally off topic, but...if you LOVE Grey's Anatomy (wanna chat about the finale...the tears...), check out the blog of the writers at It's so interesting to hear their thoughts.
God bless you! :-)

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Sally said...

Oh my goodness. I've just read Erin's email that you forwarded, Amy. How scary, but I'm so glad that there's hope. I'll keep her family in my thoughts and prayers. All of our children are precious blessings, and we need to kiss them and hold them tightly ever day. Thanks for the plug, AND the Grey's Anatomy link. LOVE that show!