Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!!!!

Happy 4th of July to you! God bless our wonderful country, with all the freedoms we have to enjoy!
We had an early get together at our friend Steph's house on Sunday night and it was so much fun to get together with the "Merced Gang" (minus one). I am posting a pic of all of us and our kiddos. Steph is in front, then Joe and me, then in back are Chip and Vicki (who are expecting their first baby in Jan.!) and the Fergusons, Brian and Kelli (and their four kids: Ali, Brennah, Corbin and Macy). The original group was Steph, me, Joe, Chip, Brian, and Ryan. Now we get together only a few times a year because we're all spread out: us here, Steph in San Francisco, the Fergusons in Tennessee, and Chip and Vicki in LA. Ryan lives in LA, too. What fun time we have had and will continue to have! You enjoy your day, too! :-)

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