Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm baaaackkk...

OK, so what have we been up to..lots...last weekend we went to Monterey to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. It was a special year for her. :-) We actually surprised her! She came walking into this pub for lunch with her hubby and we were all there! Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy that weekend, so we couldn't do a lot of the outdoor stuff that is fun in that area. We went to a park, the Dennis the Menace park. It is awesome...totally go check it out if you are in the area. I think the kids could have played there all day, so many tunnels, swings, jungle gyms, climbing things, and an old train to crawl all over. We stayed for a little over an hour, despite the light rain. Try pulling your kids away from that park!

Well, the afternoon messed up Coop's nap, so I tried to get him to rest at the luck. He started to get fussy, and man, this kid needs sleep, and I didn't feel like chasing him all over during dinner, so I skipped out on dinner to put Coop to bed. By 7 PM, he was curled up in his pack-n-play and I was watching TV,thinking, maybe I'll just go to bed early tonight and get some good sleep...ha...Spence got in bed at 8 and was out...but Coop woke up at around 11 and didn't sleep again until about 4 was not fun! I was so exhausted! I took the boys for breakfast at the hotel when we woke up (they acted beautifully), and we took a long walk around the property (on a golf course, very pretty with light fog rolling off the greens), and then we went and woke up Daddy. I told him I wanted to go home, no beach, no nothing...I just wanted to be at home in my bed. I did sleep for about 3 hours when we got home. We vowed Coop would not be visiting another hotel until he is we are still deciding on whether or not he is going to Disneyland. Is that mean of us?

Better go, we have a playdate at our house today with our playgroup, so it's cleaning time...happy weekend!

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