Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ok, i'm really here

Random updates:

* rocks...we stayed at the Hilton suites for $55...we had a great suite and it was a nice hotel, one exit from Disneyland

*Go to Downtown Disney to eat when you are at Disneyland...good food, same price as disneyland, but no wait...we ate lunch at House of Blues and then took the monorail back to Tomorrowland, so much better than the $20 dry burgers or $10 hot dogs at the park (oh, yeah, pictures are not allowed at House of Blues...)

*Spencer loved Disneyland!!!! He went on all the rides...including the Matterhorn! He loves rollar coasters (mommy not so much, as you can tell from the pic above on the Toontown rollar coaster!), though he's a not a huge fan of Haunted Mansion

*Cooper is talking more, he has been a late talker, but says: cheese, juice, dog, is stubborn and won't talk unless he wants to...if you try to force him, he'll clam up and walk away...stubborn little boy

*Spencer is attempting to go diaper free at night...I wasn't sure how to do the no diaper things at night, but we have had 2 good nights and 1 wet night...

*hosted a shower with Steph for Vicki last weekend...Lily is so adorable...makes me want a girl!!!

*went to two birthday parties and one is coming up this weekend, plus Jake is turning 4!

*so lovin' Ebay right now, got the newest Ali Edwards book(awesome scrapper) for 13.99 on Ebay. It's around $20 in the store. Bought another scrap book for $2.50 in Dec. I sell stuff on ebay so I have my "mad" money in paypal and I can buy whatever I want!

*we are taking walks Spencer drove his big wheel and Coop wore his snow boots and walked all the way sucking a was one of those moments you thank God that you are a mom, watching my boy on his bike and holding a sticky hand of a happy boy next to you...

*Daddy is reading books to Spencer now...loving that, boys adore their Daddy...

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sally said...

Spence DOES look a bit braver than Mom, doesn't he??? =) I'm so glad you guys had fun. I'm itching to get down to Disneyland.