Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm still here...

This is that picture where a mom can see her baby growing up...getting a glimpse of him in the future, doesn't he look older than 3? My little man...where is time going? (Hat courtesy of pre-school!)
Busy, busy, busy...but now I get a break...yippee! We're heading to LA tomorrow for Disneyland! spencer is so excited because it's just the three of us. Cooper is staying home with Grandma. I know he'd love it...but would we? We know he is not a good hotel visitor, nor is he patient...he can't help it...he's 20 months and 1 year olds are all about themselves and learning what is around them. He wants to do things when he wants, and touch whatever he wants. I love watching him interact with his world, but this trip is not for him. (Can you tell I have some mommy guilt...that's why I am rambling....) It's not like we won't be going back soon...we live close enough. :-)

But we are going and getting to see Lily!!!! Can't wait to see her...Steph and I are throwing a shower for Lily and her mommy next weekend, so we'll get lots of visiting time. Vicki, don't you love being regulated to Lily's mom now...hee-hee...

I've been scrapping a lot...trying to catch up, I developed pictures from 2005! I've been doing Spencer pages...gotta start on the Coop pages. Spence has 3 full albums, and Coop doens't have 1 full one...BUT I will get there....:-)

I am looking forward to my week off, too. Yay! I have some projects around the house lined up and maybe more painting...maybe...

Well, in other news....I am going back to work full time next year. I am OK with it, especially since Daddy will be home with the fellows in the afternoon. Boys need their Daddy, and teachers have a pretty good schedule...I'll be home when naptime is over, they'll hardly miss me, right???

Joe has a great job with a great flexible schedule, but no benefits and he doesn't always get paid for his jobs right away. I think he is outstanding almost $2000 right now...that's a big deal to us. My paycheck will help, especially since I have been teaching for over 10 years (wow!)...and it's only one year and then maybe, just maybe, I can stay home OR we might move.

Yes,we are starting the moving kick again, especially since Spencer is going to be in kindergarten in one and a half this where we want to raise our family? Jenny & Justin are heading to Austin this week to see if they want to move there. Maybe we'll follow them? Can you picture us Texans? I can't....I think it is hard to leave California...CA has a lot of bad stuff, but also a lot of great stuff, too...My life hasn't exactly turned out the way I planned, but it's what God has planned for me, so we'll see what happens...sorry to bore ya with the ramblings, I guess this is what happens when you haven't blogged in a while. Happy President's Day!!!!!

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