Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easter Egg time... here, yes, a little early...but we spent yesterday evening dyeing eggs at Grammy & Grampy's with the cousins. Cooper didn't really care, he'd rather play on the jungle gym. Spencer enjoyed it, though. My boys are having a great weekend, though we are missing Daddy, who went to the mountains with his friends to make movies. We had a pirate birthday party this morning. Lots of kids, food, and fun. Spence had a blast in the bounce house with Matthew and Aiden, and playing on the outdoor toys. Then the 3 of us napped, and hit McDonald's for dinner. We even ate there, something we rarely do. After that, playing outside and ice cream from the ice cream truck. I would say that is a dream day for most kids! :-) tomorrow is the Easter Egg hunt at Grammy's. Grampy will be gone for Easter, so we are doing it a week early.

One more week until Spring break....can't wait! I am bummed we aren't going to Arizona now, but it'll be a nice time to relax. already have 1 playdate set up. This week i will be at the pre-school two days. Lucky me! :-)

Better go check on my spencer, who is staying up pretty late! Happy Saturday!

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