Wednesday, March 07, 2007

all about Coop

I am dedicating this post to my little Superman: Coop,Cooperman, Coopy, Coopers, Coops, C-man...

*he is growing!!!! Went to doctor's today for his 18 month appt...never mind the fact that he is almost 21 months...had some dr. drama for a while....BUT he is 32 inches...the 45th percentile! Huge was very excited! He is only 22 pounds, almost off the scale, 5th percentile, I he is my skinny mom says I was the same way.

*She was also impressed at how well he understands things and follows directions...that's my boy!

*He's been lovin' our 70+ degree weather...his skinny legs look so cute in shorts on our walks. Today we ate ice cream cones outside in the sun. Yum.

*loves steak...he ate dinner with Joe and I tonight...bbq'ed steak, bruschetta, and pasta roni...he ate a lot

*Life is good.

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