Sunday, March 11, 2007

the buzz on Spence

OK, this post is dedicated to Spencer,

* loves, obsessed with trains and The Polar Express...he plays that "game" all day long...I said I could throw away all of his other toys because he plays exclusively with trains...he loves making the trains have problems, "Oh, no, the ice is cracking" (a la Polar Express)...too cute! Grandma, you better get him the Polar Express train set for his birthday

*whenever he makes a wish, he always wishes for a dog...maybe I see a dog in his future???

Good thing he can't read this blog yet!

*is so exuberant about life! Wakes up happy, happy to see us, happy about life!

*loves music...especially Laurie Berkner, Jack Johnson, Depeche Mode, Kids Songs CD set...he goes to sleep at night listening to his CDs...moms, I highly recommend this, he hardly ever gets out of bed now at night b/c he has his CDs! Love it!

Have a great week!!!!! :-)

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