Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still here....

Yes, I am still here...just trying to juggle working fulltime with my family...not an easy feat at all, let me tell you. I am setting up my classroom, another new room, another new grade level (1st), crazy, I know....and I am tired when I get home to my very active boys who want to play, play, play with mama! Today, they had not napped when I got home at 3:15, so whew, they actually conked out for a very tiny nap (tiny b/c they need to go to bed tonight!)...and mama got a little break, so I made a mad dash to the computer for all my loyal blog readers (all 3 of you, ha!) to let you know that blogging will have to be on the back burner for awhile until I feel more under control. We have a lot going on right on and my email isn't even getting checked daily anymore...but I miss you guys! Enjoy the pictures for now...I'll try to post next week. :-) P.S. The hot chick in the bikini is my sister...:-)

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