Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Week of school

Well, we're off! At least, I am. I am surviving my first week as a first grade teacher...me and the kids want to go home after lunch! None of us are used to full days! Boy, they are chatty! And my lessons have to be 10 minutes or shorter or I lose their attention. I feel like McMeany teacher...isn't the old saying (for teachers) "Don't smile until Christmas"? Well, that may come true for me! My own boys are doing great. Cooper loves his new sitter...so happy about that. Today, his 2nd day, he smiled when we pulled up at her house. He loves playing with the kids. Grammy has been picking him up in the afternoon so he can play with brother and cousin Jake. He loves that. Spencer is anxious for his school to start, too. 1 1/2 weeks....
Joe has been subbing this week..high school ag welding! Too funny! He is planning to go back and get his credential this year to teach high school. He wants to teach video production. He so misses that area of his life. A family of teachers! :-)
Congrats to Callahan's family (I know many of you were praying for her) on the birth of her baby brother Hudson yesterday, Happy 1 year old birthday to Amanda, Kim & Mike's daughter! And belated congrats to Joe's cousin Terin on the birth of her son, Mason, last month. Baby season!
Have a great week!

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