Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still here...

OK, sorry, have been a bad blogger...we've been busy. We went up to Sacramento to celebrate cousin Panacea's 1st birthday. Then we ended the day with a trip to Old Navy and dinner at Mimi's Cafe...yum. Got some new school clothes...have you noticed that the maternity look is in??? At least at Old Navy it is...weird...
Today my mother-in-law Cindy and I took my boys up to Pinecrest for the day to visit the Gresham cousins, who were camping up there. It was a beautiful day...after we finally found them at the lake...we had a blast, the kids swimming and playing in the sand and hanging out at their campsite, eating hot dogs and s'mores. The boys were asleep in minutes when we finally left. I think Spence is ready for camping. Coop, still too little and too "2". :-) Though he did great up there! They are conked out, dirty as can be, in bed now. I will have to wash their sheets in the morning. I already took a shower and am getting ready for bed.
The camera is charging up now, so I will post pictures tomorrow.
OH, sleep update with Coop. Well, after 7 days following the supernanny and Dr. Weissbluth's advice, I realized it does not work with my child! It was not getting easier, and 2 nights I fell asleep on his floor and woke up an hour later with stiff arms...sooo, plan B. I figured out that he doesn't want a pitch black room anymore, so I started leaving his door halfway open...ta-da! It works...not like a charm yet ...but getting better. And much quicker...whew...We are actually thinking of moving the boys in together. That might help. I also think a playroom would be a good way to corral some of this toy clutter we have going on. Too many toys! Spencer's favs: Little People and trains. Coop's: Blocks and balls (and anything big brother has).
OK, off to sleep...all that fresh air made me tired.

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