Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting closer...

Whew...Christmas is almost here...we finally got the tree up! I LOVE putting up the ornaments...telling the stories about each one we put up. We have a system, Joe and I put up our very first ornaments we got our first Christmas together. We take pictures of each other (hmmm..scrapbook page?) and then the kids put up their baby ornaments. Kendall was asleep this year, so I put up hers.

Also, made it through 3 Christmas class had theirs this afternoon, so I took my three and Jake to see it. The 1st graders were so cute! :-) Spencer had his kinder performance yesterday, adorable! He was a "parent" in the show. It was about soldiers going off to war and their parents missing them. It had snowpeople, Santa and an elf, mail carriers (carrying those letters to Santa), very sweet! I really liked it because they didn't sing the everyday Christmas songs...they sang Blue Christmas, I'll Be Home for Christmas, My Favorite things, Happy Xmas (John Lennon) and some I didn't know...Santa, please bring my baby back to me! Here's Spencer & Rhylie...his "wife" in the show.

Saying War is Over!
Tomorrow Jenny will be here! Yippee! Meg gets into town on Sunday! :-) Family time!

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