Monday, December 15, 2008

The *Star*

Our gingerbread house

Attempt at a Christmas picture...take one...

Here he is....Meet Me at the Manger

That's Jake on his right

Cousin Riley in her solo

Spencer is following in the steps of his Daddy. For those of you not in the know, Joe did local theatre as a child, and was a little ham himself! He sang, acted, and danced! He's very good, too. Sometimes he thinks about auditioning for a local show again....maybe one of these days. Anyway, Spencer had his first show last weekend....and he did great! (His summer attempt in the church choir debacle is forgotten now....) He took it so seriously and knew all the motions and words! He put his little heart into it, and we were so proud! In fact, we got many, many sweet comments from people that thought he stole the show and was so animated! Some that knew Joe as a child remarked that Spencer was just like his dad! In church on Sunday morning, one of the speakers even announced that the congregation HAD to go see the show, and to watch the little tow headed boy in the front because he'll put you in the Christmas spirit! Our little star! :-)))


Sally said...

I love it. So cute.

Vicki said...

Spencer is too adorable! Of course he'd steal the show!!