Friday, August 26, 2011

Another first day... 24 cute 5 and 6 year olds can be glad it's Friday, though not looking forward to the hours I'll be putting in this weekend. Not sure how I can be so far behind in only 2 weeks. Hmmm....
Well, this little miss had her first day of pre-school

....cannot believe my baby is going to pre-school. She loved it, of course. She is the typical baby of the family social butterfly. Of course she loves anything with other kids and not at home. This was the same little one who would wake up for her naps with her purse on her arm, saying, "Ready to go. Let's go!"
We're are enjoying Florida weather and humid. Lovely combination. Good thing I'm in an air conditioned classroom all day. I crank it to poor kiddos have begun bringing sweaters! They are cold! But hey, if the teacher isn't happy, then no one is happy! Sorry, kiddos. I think Cooper is the only one who hasn't asked me to "turn up the heater". Love their little sayings. Like the hand sanitizer lotion is just called "hanitizer". I think it's perfect! I almost want to make my own and sell it with that name. :-)

Anyway, my blog surfing has been limited to only first grade blogs for ideas, ideas, and more ideas, but here are a few other things I've found in the last few weeks to share:

Photo Walls ideas

An art project I want to do with my kiddos

Need ideas about planning a photo session? Cuteness!

Kids and Chores....something I am struggling with...the best way to set up chores. the boys have certain daily and weekly things, but I want them to do "more"...not for me, but so they can be independent and take care of themselves someday. Spencer asked if he could be excused from cleaning out the dishwasher on his birthday...he's NOT a big fan of that chore! Who is?
Have a good weekend!

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