Sunday, August 07, 2011

Where did summer go???

I remember in June, the whole summer stretched out ahead of me. I had lists of things I wanted to do, make, play, read...and 2 days I am back to work. I admit, I really love my job, BUT I love my kids more, and I'm sad that it's back to work. The last 2 weeks have been busy busy busy! We headed to the beach house for some family time with Joe's family. Aquarium

, The Mystery Spot,

beach, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (tip: go on Mon or Tues after 3 for $1 rides!).

Then it was home and my family time!

My sisters both were in town...and LILY...and we had a little get together/shower for Jenny & Lily. It was fun!

If you live in the same town as your siblings, enjoy it. I really wish my sisters lived closer to me here...

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