Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Day!!!!!

The boys on their first day of school:

*Spencer, Grade 3. Loves his teacher, Mrs. Peterson (I love her, too!)....She reminds me of MY favorite teacher ever, Mrs. Bruno (who I was *lucky* to work next door to for 3 years)...he was nervous, but excited

*Cooper, Grade 1...he loves his teacher and he's ME! He was a little nervous, but happy. Sadly, he didn't get any of his friends in our class (I was super bummed), but he can make new ones (and still plays with his other ones...on the same soccer team with one of his best friends, Jack)

Here's a good year, my sweet boys!

Kendall starts pre-school next Tuesday....yikes! She's still in "summer mode"-enjoying lazy days, pool days with daddy, dates with both Grandmas...

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