Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photography and Music

OK, a few things to share...
First, Joe and I (and Monica and Allen) went up to Sacramento and saw the most amazing performance by AWOLNATION! The concert rocked, Aaron, the singer and guitar during the show, was a great performer, and the fans went crazy! We had so much fun singing along and getting our dance on! Whoo-hoo! If they come near you, go check them out for a fun time. Here's a link to his Youtube video of my fav song: Burn It Down.

Second, I wanted to share about a photography resource that I really have found useful...Kristen Duke's book: Say No To Auto. I love it! I bought the download version and printed it out in 4 x 6 size, stuck it on a ring, and now it goes with me in my camera bag wherever I go. Easy to understand (even for me, who is still learning what the technical terms mean: f-stop, aperture, etc.). Worth it! And now she has revised it, making it even more helpful. Go check it out!

More coming...the end of summer wrap up...yes, come Monday, I will be spending my days with 24 precious first graders (including my own-Cooper!). I hope I have made my room cozy and comfy for them. Those first grade blogs I have been perusing have been so helpful! Happy Weekend!

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Love this post Amy!! Woohoo!!! Also....good luck on Monday. You will love first grade :) God Bless!
P.S. You have joined the AWOLNATION!!