Sunday, January 06, 2013

I am blogging again!

Can you believe it? Several posts in one week! Whoo-hoo! am I doing with my HOME focus? Pretty good, if I may say so myself. I've cleaned out a few areas, thrown away things, rearranged Kendall's room, looked online for the the new bed we are buying her (probably Ikea), bought paint for the hallway-ready to start painting, found a color for the boys room (Behr's Cloudy Day), cleaned a lot, figured out what other small projects to do...and now tomorrow it's back to work. I will try to keep to my cleaning schedule as best as I can.

I'm just going to do the best I can-I am reading an awesome book called:
Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead-and it's a slow go because it's a lot to take in (I keep finding myself rereading passages and thinking about my own life). Brene Brown is dismantling the common conceptions out there that we women have to do it all (be sweet, super mom, super wife, super thin, etc). She says no one can do it all-duh-but we need to be vulnerable and admit it, and just do the best we can. No sense in feeling shame. LOVE it! Don't let those voices tell you that are failing as a mom, as a wife, as a women...just do what you can and be who you are. Well, those are my words-what I am taking away from her book. It's freeing. I admit, I don't have it all together. I wish sometimes I did, and I do sometimes pretend I have it all together-but I never have, never will. I know I am a good mama, but I am not super mom. I cuddle with my kiddos all the time, read to them daily, help with homework, tell them they are loved ten times a day-but I also let them watch too much TV, don't make them take baths and showers every day, serve them mac and cheese from the blue box at minimum once a week for dinner, clean up their toys too much (instead of making them), and the list goes on. I'm on the computer right now while they are playing video games...ahhh, that feels good!
Not sure where this post is's been hijacked by this book! Have you read this???
So...anyway, this year, along with my monthly focus and resolutions, I will try to be the best I can, but not beat myself for not meeting my expectations.
Here's some Christmas and New Year's pics to share. Aren't they cute kids???

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