Thursday, February 09, 2006

It has been...

so warm here lately! It makes me HaPpY!!!! I have been taking the boys out to play, barefoot and all. They love it! Spencer runs around like crazy! This weekend we are going to work in the backyard and fill up his sandbox. He is also going to see Curious George with daddy. He says, "I get popcorn? Soda?" The kid loves to snack! he only gets it every once in a while.

He's finally going to bed better, it only takes abput 10 minutes to get him settled after lights out. He has to be tucked in the "right way", with covers and then "meep-meep" (his blanket) on top. Silly boy! Plus, I have to shoo the monsters out. "Go home, monsters. Take your bath!" Did his repeated watchings of Monsters, Inc. backfire?

So, when do you know that you are done having kids? I THINK we are done, but then some days I think about having a another baby. A girl would be nice. But two is a good number. Even. One for each of us. Two wonderful boys. I always did prefer babysitting boys. But lately, Joe is saying, "Two is perfect. But three is so much fun." And we both grew up in 3 kid families. Oh, I don't know...I think moms have this innate desire for babies, little tiny ones, I've heard that never goes away. But does that mean I need another one???? Hmmm...I guess this is to be continued. NO, we are NOT trying. Coop is not sleeping through the night yet, so i CAN'T even think about it yet!

Speaking of sleep, last night I had the most sleep I've had in 8 months. Felt good, real I should get off the computer and go hang with joe. he's actually at home tonight (but watching a TV show I don't care for) the way, if you are in need of an appraisor, JOE is available ANYWHERE in CA! They have the software at work to be able to appraise the entire state! He'll come to you! (We'll'll be a getaway and i think we can write it off, too!) So call him....or email him (let me know if you need his email!).

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