Monday, February 06, 2006


So, what are your New Year's Resolutions? Are you keeping them? I am trying of my many (hee-hee) is to be more stylish. the last few years I have been wearing more casual clothes (i'd rather shop for the boys than me) and not doing much in the hair and makeup department. So...I ordered the Bare Escentuals make up last month and now I have chopped my hair and gotten layers. I even had my eyebrows waxed for the first time! Joe took me shopping, but of course, this always happens to me, i couldn't find anything I liked! Whenever I am broke, then I can find tons! Oh well..just means I'll have to go shop again. :-) Somewhere other than HERE. So, I'll try to post a pic of my new hair when I can get on the laptop again. Joe is SUPER busy and is hardly home. :-( BUT we know it's just for a while, until he gets enough clients to keep him very busy. He is doing well. :-)

I almost started crying today looking at my Spencer. In 2 1/2 years he'll be starting kindergarten. My baby boy is growing up! It's so true, they grow SO fast! Enjoy it while you can! He is just amazing me everyday. When I got home with my new hair, I asked him if he liked it. He said, "Yes, Mommy. It's pretty!" My little man! He had so much fun making "mocamole" (as he calls guacamole) with Daddy yesterday for the Super Bowl. Was it me or were the calls unfairly against Seattle? I know nothing about football, but Joe kept mentioning it and sure enough, when I started looking for it, I could see the calls were in Pittsburgh's favor...maybe I am making NO sense at all...forgive me, I don't know much 'bout football. the football games in high school? An excuse to walk around, checking out the guys and see what the plans are after the game! I don't think I watched one game!
Sorry, Bears, even though you were an awesome team!!!! #1! When I was a freshman at UCSB, sports people said, "Oh, you're from Merced? You have a great team!" Either that, or "You're from Merced? Do you know Steven Stayner?" No, I only saw him once, in a video store. The movie about him came out right before college.
OK, enough rambling....

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