Wednesday, February 22, 2006


OK< remind me next time that I do not enjoy painting rooms, walls, etc....I had a bright idea to do lots of painting this week (i have the week off). 10 minutes into painting Spence's room I asked Joe how much it costs to pay someone. Too much was the answer. So the room is almost done, after 3 sessions, but I am done. Joe doesn't know it yet, but he is finishing the room. :-) So the office/scrapbook room will remain Dunmore white (which is actually a pleasing creamy color). So will the kitchen and family room, until we hire someone to do it!
Went shopping today. It was fun to get stuff for me, instead of my boys, but oh, they are fun to shop for! I got some bright shirts for spring. Joe was proud of me, trying to add some color to my wardrobe. I tend to pick greys, tans, blacks, whites and pink, but I need to "jazz it up". :-)

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