Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter! We had wondered what we were going to do, all alone without family...my parents are in AZ, Joe's dad is in Mexico on a mission trip and his mom went to Sacramento to spend Easter with his brother and family. But we ended up having a great day, that ended with all 4 of us asleep in our bed for a long family nap.

We started the day at church, an outside service, where I got a work out following Coop around. Then we went to our friend Steph's mom's house for a celebration. yummy lunch and lots of fun! The boys played with the other kids (including Spence's latest "crush", Haley), drew with sidewalk chalk and playdoh, hunted for eggs, and saw a surprise visit with the Easter Bunny a.k.a. Steph! Spence was on to it right away. A great way to spend such a wonderful holiday. Remembering the real reason...Spence told Daddy last night, "Jesus died on the cross." "Why, Spencer?" "So we could live!" Indeed He did, so we could have life on Earth with the promise of everlasting life, a wonderful life with Him in Heavan.

Now we are enjoying our Spring Break. Family time, relaxing, playdates...

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Sally said...

Oh how nice to be a close, personal friend of the Easter Bunny! That's status! =) Happy Easter!