Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm a winner!

No, really I am...I won a giveaway on someone's blog...I always enter and never win! But I did this time, and I won a copy of the new digital scrapbooking book! It's Joanna's blog, she has a cool blog. She has 2 beautiful kiddos, Cole and Harper (love that name!) and I really like her scrapping style. So, yes, I am a winner!
Cute quirks: Spencer thinks when he turns 5 and goes to kindergarten that he will be a "grown-up". Ha! Coop loves dogs...never met a dog he was afraid of....but doesn't seem to like other animals....did NOT want to touch any other animals at the petting zoo...he liked looking at them from afar in mommy's arms, thankyouverymuch!
Ok, gotta go...planning for pre-school's our day for the lessons, it's a sunflower theme (thinking of Colleen right about now!). Bye!

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