Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is it a bad sign...

when the ice cream lady knows your kids' names? We are suckers for the ice cream truck. And she knows it! I swear, she slows down when she comes to our house. And she has impeccable timing...just when we are walking out! Our boys know we can't say no to the ice cream lady....

The picture is of our man and his brand new bike (plus one of mr. c for good measure)! Bike Day at the pre-school is quickly approaching and we were told that "big-wheels" don't cut it. A bike. And not a trike. So, we got him a bike. He is thrilled! After trying out cousin Jake's bike for the last month and proudly riding it down the street (getting off to turn it around!), he has his OWN. You should have seen the first time he rode Jake's bike...down the driveway...right into the street! Mommy was screaming! Jake ran over, "Bender! Bender (what he calls Spence), here's the brake!" Now Spencer know where the brake is...thank goodness. Edited: We are returning the bike...16 inches fits him fine, but he's a growing boy, so it's off to get a bigger size!

Hope all is well...enjoying spring here...finally getting some nice weather again...though it is supposed to be 90 degrees all weekend, not exactly spring weather! I think our corner of the world skips spring...I remember this happening last year.

Happy Tuesday!

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