Friday, July 27, 2007


If you are waiting for a phone call from me....hi, Robin....I will get to call finally! We've had some phone issues for about 2 weeks. Our phone was so static-y and would drop calls, so I was hardly using it. And my cell wasn't holding a charge. I would charge it up and a few minutes into the first call, it was beeping low battery. So I have been MIA on the phone for a few days. Our DSL was cutting out...ahhh, technology! wasn't sure if it was the line or what...but we bought a new phone last night and it is charging and all will be well again in the world....and I am going to Verizon to get my new phone of these days....

Anyway, sleep updates, since I know you are pins and needles waiting to hear how sleep is going for Coop. Well, not so hot yet. Last night, the 4th night, he cried and got out for about 20 minutes, I sat with him for a few minutes, he got out, and finally conked out. to be honest, it is very hard to do the silent return thing. I am tired of sitting/standing in the hallway, hearing him cry out for me and feel him holding tight to me as I put him back in bed. I have not been too strong, because I give up and hold him or sit on his bed and rub his head. BUT I don't talk...don't know if that helps or not. Just got to get this under control before school starts. Yes, school....

Anyway, the pictures are from the lake, we had a picnic and were going sailing, but Grampy was missing a bolt for his sail, so we just sat on the boat and talked and walked around. It was still a nice time!
In other news, heard from Margo!!! She's in Iowa and found a great new house, so she is excited to get her daycare up and running there. We miss her a lot!

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