Saturday, December 29, 2007

Enjoying the break

We are all enjoying the break (well, except Joe, who is working!). The boys play, play, play all day! The new train sets are the biggest hit. We had Megan home for a few days, and that was nice! We went to the movies with her...saw Sweeney, that's a great movie! Joe and I love the play, so we were a bit hesitant to see the movie, but it was good! Joe says it's his favorite movie! Johnny Depp was incredible, as well as the rest of the cast. Warning, it is a bit gory, it's about a murderous barber...but still good! Go see it!
Meg helped Joe set up his Ipod, yes, Sally, he is joining the new technology and got an Ipod for Christmas. He is so excited!
Oh, for my pregnant or to be pregnant friends, I found a new item I love! The Bella band or Tummy Sleeve (Motherhood). Basically, you put it over your non-maternity pants, which you leave unzipped or unbuttoned. It's tight, so it holds them up. Expands your wardrobe! Wow! I had some friends that wore them and swore by them. I finally realized I better get some because my pants weren't fitting me very well. I carry low. I ordered the white Bella Band on amazon, and Cindy bought me a black Tummy Sleeve, carried at the Motherhood Maternity stores. I was so happy to wear my old khakis the other day with the Tummy Sleeve...what a great invention!!!! Will save you a lot on maternity pants!
Also, did you know that a lot of baby bottles have been recalled for having a chemical in them called BPA? Well, I had to toss all my Avent and Dr. Brown's bottles! So, I need all new bottles. They recommend glass bottles, which to me sounds big and heavy, plus will they break? Especially with the "help" I anticipate my two sweeties wanting to give? Cindy says no, she doesn't think that any of her glass bottles ever broke. Oh, and this recall includes sippy check out this site, which will recommend another site, ZBaby, at the end of the article, which shows you what brands are safe or not.
Well, better go...the house still looks like a toy tornado swept through here...and I am debating whether or not to take down the Christmas it up, but Christmas is over. :-( 361 days until Christmas...oh, wait,'s a leap year in 2008!!!

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