Sunday, December 02, 2007


Hope you are enjoying your weekend! We are! It's December...the most time wonderful of the year! So excited to make this an awesome season. Joe and I made a list of the things we want to do this Christmas. Make a gingerbread house, take the boys out Christmas lights looking (in Pj's), make an advent wreath (doing this morning!), etc...Hopefully we are getting our tree today or soon..itching to decorate! I bought the boys the advent calendars that have little chocolate pieces in them, like the ones we had as kids. I really wanted the Pottery Barn one, but by the time I went to order it, it was sold out. Must buy early next year!
Yesterday, had another garage know, I am not a garage sale fan, never go to them, but after de-cluttering, I hate just throwing away. Plus, there was some good stuff, stuff I had been holding onto for some reason...but I started reading Peter Walsh's book It's All Too Much, and he "helped" me see the reasons we hold onto stuff and why we don't need to. Like, the things previous students have given me...don't match my home decor, but I keep b/c that child gave to me. Do I really need it? Or the shake maker? I might use it someday, but really, making shakes in the blender is just as out it goes! If you like to save stuff, I recommend his book! (He's always on Oprah, and on that TV show Clean Sweep). Anyway, the garage sale was a success..though it was freezing!!! We set up a little heater out helped! Maddie was sweet enough to help and help out with the boys. They adore their Maddie. Spencer, I have a feeling, thinks his baby sister is going to come out a 11 year old big sister!
Speaking of baby, this pregnancy is moving right along. Almost 6 months already. She is kicking a lot, though baby girls are softer than baby boys! My boys were already beating my insides at this time! :-) She sleeps all day...and kicks all night....and let me tell you, the 3rd pregnancy is definitely rougher...I already can't bend over and have achy legs at night. Sleeping at night is not fun. I wake up a lot and toss and turn. I think we have picked a name...I'll tell you when we decide. Joe and I like different names....
Better go get my boys ready...we are making advent wreaths at church this morning! Have a great day!
Sorry no pics to share...haven't taken any in a while!

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