Saturday, December 08, 2007

We have a tree!

Finally we got our tree! I was so gung ho about decorating this year...but got lazy...and tired...didn't really want to drag out the boxes from the garage, but today was finally D-Day...and we got the tree. It was fun! We picked it out really quickly, though Spencer fell in love with a tall tree, and he really was sure it was the perfect one! Also took some pics at the lot with Grammy & Grampy.

Other than that, we're doing fine. Busy...busy with school, pre-school, life...Joe convinced me to host a Pampered Chef party this week b/c he really wants some new knives...he's the cook in the family. So, if you like Pampered Chef and want to come, or place an order online...let me know! :-)

ditched my work party tonight...oops...but wanted to go to church and hang with my family more. Had to get the tree decorated. I am posting a pic of Joe and me holding the traditional first ornaments to go on the tree...the ones our moms bought us for our first Christmas together. Every year put those up first, as well as take a picture of each other putting those up. Spencer took this's a little blurry, but you get the picture...hahaha...get the picture! Cracking myself up at 11:40 PM...better go to bed!

Congrats to my cousin Scott and his wife on their brand new little girl, Mirabella...she's being adopted into a wonderful family and two parents who are ecstatic to be parents finally! Yay!

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