Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry times continue...

We had a great Christmas! Christmas Eve is with my family. then, Christmas Day, we get up and go to Joe's parents. This year, we had to wake up our boys at 8:45....they were so tired! Santa comes to our house...not much...since they get so much from grandparents and family! Spencer got the Leap Frog My First computer that hooks up to the TV. He loves it! He has been playing our laptop for a few weeks and loves it. So we decided to get him his own! Cooper didn't get a big gift this year...he is hard to buy for! So he got some smaller things....luckily, he's 2...and doesn't care!

Then we went to Grammy and Grampy's and it is crazy galore and kids running around! The boys had a blast and the grandkids got a motorized jeep that they of course had to go try....out in the cold! We go by my mom and dad's, since Santa makes another stop there for my boys...and then home to play and nap (Joe and Coop). Our house looks like a train depot...train parts everywhere!

Back to Grammy's for dinner and hanging out. This year it was all about the game called Rock Star, where people get to "play"musical instruments and make a band...I guess it's an XBox thing? The Greshams started it out and then Brian, Greg, Maddie, and Joe played for a long hubby was the singer....I think he missed his calling...shoulda been a rock star!

But it was a very merry...and joyous...Christmas! (The boys even tried to play...future rock band?)

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