Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our little actor and Christmas card rejects...

OK, check off more Christmas traditions...Spencer was in his first Christmas show! He was supposed to be in it 2 days, but he got major stage fright at dress rehearsal! He decided after all he could do it (who is he kidding? That child is a born actor!) for the last show today, he did it! He was one of the shepherds, and only on stage for about 3 minutes! But he was proud of himself!

We are getting some beautiful Christmas cards in the of my favorite things of the season...and I am always behind in sending mine out! I want that perfect picture...that elusive family photo...hard to get with my wiggly 2-year-old! I took some today by the tree, Cooper actually smiled, but Spencer was making a weird face...needless to say, none of these worked out...I did turn in my order today with another photo, so look for our card in your mailbox in a few days! :-)

Joe and I went to a dinner last night with a bunch of couples. It was nice to get out! Nice to be served and have my own drink and my own food, and not share with two curious little guys. We had an ornament exchange. Joe ended up with a turkey ornament, a turkey in camo, holding a gun. Very interesting...and very popular with the guys. Yes, it is on our tree. Our tree, asI have written about before, is a menagerie of ornaments andI wouldn't have it any other way! The boys' first ornaments, my baby ornaments, homemade ornaments, ones that students have given me, joke ornaments, our first Christmas together it! :-)

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