Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crazy week...

(First, more Disneyland pictures)

Whew, this week was a bit cousin attends Northern Illinios University, the college where the gunman went on a rampage (my mom also attended there years ago). I saw it on the news, and a feeling of dread came over me. I called my mom and asked if that was where Adam was, sure enough! We were all a little freaked out. My mom talked to her brother and luckily, all was well with Adam. He was shaken up, of course. We are so thankful Adam is OK!!!! This is so scary! Makes me want to home school from K through college! Ha!
Also, one of my little 1st graders had an attemped abduction, we think. He was walking to school, late, and a parent driving by saw him talking to 2 people in a van. The police were called, and he's fine, but he didn't seem to know what was going on, thank goodness!
And Cindy and Charlie are in Israel, and the news said there was a high alert for security there (but they are fine and having a great time....can't wait to see their pix when they get home!). If you are reading this, Grammy and Grampy, we are fine here, missing you...taking good care of the house and dogs! :-)
So now it's the weekend, and we're all home with tons of projects to do...clean, work in the backyard, get Baby K's room ready, etc, etc...luckily the boys and I are off next week for President's Week. We have a few playdates planned, a birthday party tomorrow, and a trip to the UC with some other pre-school friends, but I am relaxing!!!! 6 more week until Baby K is due...can't believe my nights of sleep are almost over....
Have a nice weekend!

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Sally said...

Wow. Lots of scary stuff. I didn't know that was your first-grader. Poor thing. Have fun getting ready for Baby K!