Thursday, February 28, 2008


(Pictures: cute cousin pics from last fall, Cooper wouldn't pose for the colored one!)...still hanging in there...4.5 weeks to go! Feeling lots of stomach pains and tired by the end of the day...should be in bed now, but I am "shopping" many cute girl stuff at gymboree, gap, old navy, etc...I actually bought a few cute outfits on ebay this ebay!

We ordered the baby's bedding and carseat...thanks, Grammy and Grandma! Can't wait to get them. Apparently since I was last pregnant, baby stuff has seat ratings and all. We ended up picking the infant car seat: Chicco Keyfit 30, what a fancy name! It got the highest ratings. I am big on car seat safety. Spencer won't be in a booster seat for a long time. His Britax is perfect, thankyouverymuch!

School is going OK. Kids are starting to get spring fever now that we have had some sun and warmer temps lately. Good thing I am going out soon! We had some nervous times this week with work. Our lovely state is cutting the budget, and of course, education is feeling the pinch. My district started spouting that they were going to "have to" cut class class reduction...that means having up to 32 kids in K-3. We are now topped out at 20. I flipped out..first because that would mean my job would be cut (they threatened to fire anyone hired after 2002!)...and second, because my own precious child will be in K next year....I know what he will be expected to learn...a lot...and with 32 kids?!?! I'm not a private school fan necessarily (I teach in public school!), but the private school nearby with 15 in the K class sounds good to me...though I am not sure how we would pay for it! BUT the board elected to make cuts elsewhere, so our jobs are safe...whew...that was a tense meeting!

Speaking of paying...we are thinking of selling the house...yes, it's a horrible market, and yes, we would probably lose money, but we are so scared of what the market is going to do in the next few years. This is not our forever house...only our next 2-3 years house...should we stay put and continue losing money? I loooove my house, but sometimes it is good to be realistic. So, lots for us to think about....Life is an adventure, that is for sure. How's YOUR adventure going????

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Kelli said...

Amy -

I think you should go ahead and sell that house and move to Tennessee! Our budget is still okay as far as I know, our class sizes are small, our district is the highest ranked in the state, and the houses are more affordable. Plus, you'd have us!!!!!!!